Measuring the effect from risk mitigation

Mitigating Risk is often thought of in terms of IT safety. However, it applies to many different areas of operation, manufacturing etc. Considering risk properly is particularly important. But just assessing risk is not sufficient. To have impact we need to make a Decision (or Decision Policy) to change the course of the risks. In this webinar we will look at the basics of Risk Management uncertainty, the analysis of the risks, mitigation and how do deal with uncertainty in some of our assessments.


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About The Speakers

Brian Putt

Brian Putt

Decision Quality Consultant, Putt DQ Consulting

Brian is currently a Decision Quality Consultant to assist organizations in making good decisions using probabilistic analysis. He maintains a YouTube Channel that include a number of instructional videos on Excel and SIPmath applications.

Alex Sidorenko

Alex Sidorenko

EX-Head of operational risk and insurance, EuroChem

Experienced executive across strategic, investment and operational risks and insurance working within multibillion dollar corporations in Australia, GCC and Europe. Successfully implemented changes to quantitative risk analysis, risk-based decision making and neuroscience.