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Marcus Dimbleby

The lost art of contradiction, the missing piece in quality decision making

A Workshop by Marcus Dimbleby (Vice President, Red Team Thinking)

About this Workshop

How can we manage and avoid risk if we dare not speak up? The ability to challenge, to dissent, and be contrarian is a rarity in today’s world of faux harmony and fragile egos. The Art of Contradiction is long lost.

Organisations are struggling to overcome groupthink, command and control remains prevalent, and psychological safety is just another executive buzzword - all of which is causing a lack of innovation and engagement.

Come along and learn how with the mindset, tools and techniques of Red Team Thinking, you can mitigate groupthink, enable psychological safety and create a culture that enables the core capability of your organisation to be unleashed - its people!

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Are You a Red Team Thinker? Does Your Organization Have a Red Team Culture?


About The Speaker

Marcus Dimbleby

Marcus Dimbleby

Vice President, Red Team Thinking