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Grant Purdy Roger Estall

Testing your decision making

A Workshop by Roger Estall and Grant Purdy

About this Workshop

Has it ever occurred to you that the ONLY way any organisation (or individual) can pursue their purpose in life is by making (and then implementing) decisions? Or that the success of each decision will be a function of how the ‘decider’ makes their decision?

And yet:

  • How many organisations (and individuals) actually focus on (as in: ‘really, really think about and monitor’) the quality of their decision-making?

  • Which leaders (starting with those responsible for governance) have access to, much less apply, an across-the-board decision-making diagnostic?

How can those responsible for sound governance and management meet their obligations if they are not testing and monitoring decision-making practices and actively addressing and improving any skill gaps or unevenness in practice?

This (jargon-free) session will help create greater awareness of the universal method by which (irrespective of their success or complexity) every decision-maker makes decisions. AND it will provide a very practical means of diagnosing the quality of current practice whether generally (i.e., across the organisation) or specifically in respect of an impending or past particular decision.

As importantly, drawing on a recent book written by the presenters (“Deciding -A guide to even better decision-making”) the session will provide practical advice as to how to address both strengths and weaknesses that are discovered through use of the diagnostics.

About The Speakers

Grant Purdy

Grant Purdy

Director, Sufficient Certainty

While, what I do has had many titles over the last 40+ years, it all seems to come down to assisting decision makers to have effective and efficient conversations about whether the decisions they are making, and have made previously, are providing sufficient certainty that intended outcomes will be achieved.

Roger Estall

Roger Estall

Director, Sufficient Certainty

Roger has a forty-year career in management, governance and providing technical expertise and leadership. He has consulted to many types of private sector, not-for-profits and government organisations in relation to decision making.