Risk Governance & Leadership - How to be 98% more effective, 95% of the time with 90% confidence

Your best ideas and best work will never see the light of day if you can't persuade others to take action.

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As risk professionals, we sometimes become our own worst enemy by using esoteric language, counterproductive communication, and outdated leadership strategies. We can struggle to get the budget, resources and support to make things happen.

Join OCEG Founder & CEO, Scott Mitchell as he presents research and practical steps to be a more effective leader, communicator, and persuader of risk-related ideas, decisions, and actions. Just a few simple (but not easy!) steps will help you develop the right professional mindset and techniques to get what you need to be more effective.

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About The Speakers

Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell

Founder & CEO, OCEG

Scott has a 30-year career in technology, strategy, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).