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David Lindstedt, PhD

Navigating the Strangeness of Organizational Resilience

A Workshop by David Lindstedt, PhD (Founder, Adaptive BC Solutions)

About this Workshop

Organizational resilience is surprisingly strange. It is not nearly as clear-cut and straight-forward as we typically believe. It is full of tensions and paradoxes, most of which have been overlooked, and few of which anyone has begun to carefully address.

In particular, leaders at all levels may have to actively surrender a great deal of control during times of great change, exactly the times where they will be tempted to 'grab the reins' most forcefully.

In this talk, Dr. David Lindstedt discusses his research on Building Resilient Organizations, focusing in particular on ways to begin to prepare for constant adaptation in a VUCA world while meeting the consistent demands for control and efficiency.

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About The Speakers

David Lindstedt, PhD

David Lindstedt, PhD

Founder, Adaptive BC Solutions

Dr. David Lindstedt splits his time between business continuity and resilience consulting, project portfolio management, and research.