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Graeme Keith

My love-hate relationship with bow-tie analysis

A Workshop by Graeme Keith (Professional Services Lead, Risk Quantification, Archer IRM)

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About this Workshop

Bow-Tie Analysis is often presented as a panacea for the analysis of risk. On the one hand, they are intuitive, provide a useful structure for the discussion of risk, control and mitigation and they provide a natural bridge between qualitative and quantitative assessment methodologies. At the same time, however, they are illogical, prohibitively restrictive in what they can model, and potentially value-eroding.

In this talk, I will present bow-tie analysis and the natural way in which it supports the quantitative analysis of event-based loss risks. I will discuss their categorical shortcomings and the modelling challenges they represent; and I will suggest an interpretation that resolves many of these challenges, while maintaining much of their apparent intuitive appeal.

About The Speaker

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Graeme Keith

Graeme Keith

Professional Services Lead, Risk Quantification, Archer IRM

Topics Covered

Quant risk measurement techniques that pass back-tests and outperform heatmaps

Learn global best practices in risk-based decision making

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