How to develop a risk management plan, and actually use it

Planning how you are going to conduct any activity on a project always helps, and this applies doubly in Risk Management. Because Risk Management is so inherently involved with every aspect of any project, planning for it properly can make a huge difference in how well your perform it and for the success of the entire project. But how do you build a good Risk Management plan, one that will actually be used in management of the project, and not just put on a shelf?

In this workshop, you will learn what you need to put into a proper Risk Management plan, a plan that the project will actually use to execute Risk Management well to assure project success.

About The Speakers

Mark Powell

Mark Powell

Consultant, Attwater Consulting

Mark Powell has practiced Risk Management for over 45 years in a wide variety of technical environments including defense, aerospace, energy, and commercial. His roles in these environments have included project manager, engineering manager, chief systems engineer, and research scientist.