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Sam Savage

Chancification: Practical guide to measuring probability of achieving objectives

A Workshop by Sam Savage (Executive Director, ProbabilityManagement.org)

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About this Workshop

Just as electrification replaces technologies that use fossil fuels with those that use electricity, Chancification replaces computations based on deterministic numbers with those based on probability distributions.

Just as non-experts can illuminate light bulbs with electricity generated by power engineers, Chancification will allow everyday managers (even those suffering from Post-Traumatic Statistics Disorder, or PTSD) to illuminate uncertainty and fix the Flaw of Averages with stochastic libraries created by statisticians and data scientists.

I will demonstrate free tools that will help you jump start this process within your own organization.

About The Speaker

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Sam Savage

Sam Savage

Executive Director, ProbabilityManagement.org

Dr. Sam L. Savage is the author of The Flaw of Averages and Executive Director of ProbabilityManagement.org, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to making uncertainty actionable. The organization has received funding from Chevron, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, PG&E, Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente and others.

Topics Covered

Quant risk measurement techniques that pass back-tests and outperform heatmaps