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David Vose

Risk appetite vs risk tolerance, what they are and how to use them

A Workshop by David Vose (Vice President of Risk Management, Archer Integrated Risk Management)

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About this Workshop

How to use risk appetite and tolerance to balance the risk and reward. When they are applicable and when not. Practical application for non-financial companies.

Join the workshop to change how you view and apply the concepts of risk appetite.

About The Speaker

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David Vose

David Vose

Vice President of Risk Management, Archer Integrated Risk Management

One of the most recognized names in risk analysis, David has been involved in quantitative risk analysis for over thirty years, working as risk analyst, adviser or expert witness in fields as diverse as insurance claim disputes and food contamination, wind turbine operations and diamond mining, nuclear power station decommissioning and banking.

Topics Covered

Quant risk measurement techniques that pass back-tests and outperform heatmaps