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Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program at Columbia University

The Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program at Columbia University prepares graduates to inform better risk-reward decisions by providing a complete, robust, and integrated picture of both upside and downside volatility across an entire enterprise. FIND OUT MORE

Enjoy a 15% discount on DCRO programs

Risk Awareness Week delegates can enroll in our most popular courses for a 15% discount now through October 31st. All courses are led by experienced directors, senior executives, and highly regarded authors. Our graduates are leaders in boardrooms and c-suites on five continents. FIND OUT MORE

ISO31000 implementation course special low price

The content of the course is 100% aligned with the structure and principles of the ISO31000:2018. This course will be immensely valuable for risk managers, risk consultants, auditors and everyone who want to learn more about risk management 2.


1 free access to online risk-taking course

This course is not about doing risk assessments, building risk registers, heat maps or risk reports. None of these things have anything to do with proper risk management. This course is about alternative, different take on risk management. This is what I call risk management 2. Join me to discover how to integrate risk management principles into day to day decisions, change how investments are done, change how strategy and budgets are set and change the very culture of the organization.

A free copy of the book Enterprise Risk Management: Today's Leading Research and Best Practices for Tomorrow's Executives, 2nd Edition John R. S. Fraser (Editor), Rob Quail (Editor), Betty Simkins (Editor)

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Offered by Diana Del Bel Belluz & Henk Krijnen
Exploring the junctions of risk management and...

A signed copy of Prof. Derval's latest book "The Right Sensory Mix: Decoding Customers' Behavior and Preferences"

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Offered by Prof. Diana Derval
Risk-taking under the microscope

Risk Reporting Template Pack

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Offered by Prof. Hernan Huwyler
Tips, examples and templates to display...

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